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Gaia configures herself into the imagination of each person on earth in a totally unique way.

John Lamb Lash, 06/26/2009

Color photograph taken of a fence in Boulder Colorado with the image of Neal Cassady on the fence.


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Smile Street Art

Mystery street artist, SMiLE,  from Boulder, CO. Follow SMiLE on Instagram or Etsy @ Smilefineart.

Images of Neal Cassady and Vincent Van Gogh placed on fences using cut stencils.

Murals painted on fences in Boulder, Colorado

Flower and garden murals are the all-time favorite for spicing-up your backyard view.

Outdoor Murals

Get to know some of the muralists whose creative work we showcase. Above: Mural of David Bowie by Jimmy C.

Mural Artists

Painting fences with a favorite theme will brighten-up your day. Sit back and watch the smiles begin.

The Painted Fence

Not into painting?  Place your handmade art or other outdoor decor on the fence. Be extraordinary!

The Decorated Fence

Outdoor Murals Mural Artists The Painted Fence Outdoor Decor

Open-minded, distinctive tastes for fencing our property. Block parties will never be the same!

The Eclectic Fence

Geometric patterns painted on a fence are surprisingly easy! They can be time consuming, so try a simple one the first time around.

Geometric-Modern Murals

Originally known as the “Feast of the Dead” celebrated in Celtic countries, Christians adopted this day as "Halloween."

Day of the Dead Murals

A powerful way for people to make a political statement is with public murals voiceing opposition to governmental controls with art.  

Political Murals

The Eccelectic Fence Geometric Murals Day of the Dead Murals Political Murals

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 Mysterious Fairy Fence

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Coneflower Fence

Mural Artists

Gallery Collections

Day of the Dead Murals

The majority of structures made from living Willow are fences, trellises and boundary markers on large tracts of land. See large format photographs of these marvelous tree sculptures on the Living Fences page, plus an article from Becky Northy on the Art of Tree Shaping. has many more images of  these amazing willow sculptures in all shapes, sizes and themes.  Also, there’s plenty of excellent information on homesteading, creative art projects and much, much more!
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Willow Tree Fences and Sculptures

Stretching Willow Angels| Michelle Cain, Secret Light Garden at Picton Castle, 2011

More ideas and inspiration for your fence painting project with painted picnic tables!

Painted Picnic Tables

More Picnic Tables


The Mysterious Fairy Fence

Hand carved fairy fence located in the town of Boyarka, Ukraine, photographed by Anatoly Tushentsov.  

Is it tied to the story of Baba Yaga or just the love of fairy tales?

The Mysterious Fairy Fence

Mysterious Fairy Fence of Boyarka, Ukraine

Mystery Street Artist in Bolder, Colorado

Murals and More for Spicing-Up Your Backyard View