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 ClickHanging Baskets on Fence Painted Design with Wrought Iron Wall Art & Garden Edging


Ginny's "Old Sol" Fence Painting Project

This old fence was painted with a yellow-gold color and then Jinny began her Sun Face art project.  With a few outdoor paints or decorative wrought iron elements, anyone can turn their left-sided fence into a series of art pieces.  Within each "frame" of your fence, you can place ceramic sun faces, sun-moon-stars, iron baskets, old light lanterns, lighthouses, ocean or beach inspired themes, or even a series of tropical foilage with exotic birds.  And, the list goes on and on. . .  Have Fun with your fence painting Project!




















Rafting by P.Richardson, Australia


Do you have a favorite hobby?  Why not paint each inside frame of your left-sided fence with an art piece like this one from Peter Richardson of Australia.



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