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Hanging Baskets

← Hanging baskets look great when they are placed on a fence. Nothing else quite dresses-up a drab fence (or even a new fence) like a beautiful hanging basket. Hang them high or hang them low. Place a Rat-Tail Cactus in a hanging basket to look like the one in this photo - you'll be asked what it is and then hear how great it looks.


2-Tiered Hanging Basket - Stunning!

←This particular wrought iron hanging basket, called a 2-tiered hanging basket, and looks great in pairs, but the design experts say to place art objects and accessories by the Rule of Three's - when art pieces and collectibles are placed in three's, they create visual unity, interest and great decorating flair.  


     French Country Hanging Basket

The beautiful scroll work on this french hanging basket looks stunning along with the diamond pattern in the center with a tapered bottom.  
These baskets  can be placed on left-sided fences with scroll brackets or underneath a patio to create a one-of-a-kind look. 


Hanging baskets on a left-sided fence

Decorate Your Fence Ideas: This is a "left-sided" fence where scroll brackets have been placed on the posts to hold hanging baskets.  Buy the plastic hanging baskets, remove the hanger tops, and place the plant inside a wrought-iron hanging basket with a coconut liner wrapped around the plastic pot.  The liner will last longer and there's added insulation around the plastic pot.  While plastic pots are functional, wrought iron planters look so much more sophisticated.

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