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An Easy and Inexpensive Art Piece

Stained Glass Art Frame On The Fence! 












Six garden edging pieces were used for this frame. Two on top, two on the bottom and one on each side. If you want a longer, more horizonal frame use an extra edging. With a level, set the iron edging in place then (temporarily) attach it to the fence with wood screws. Mark an outline of the edging so you'll know where to place each piece.  Measure out and draw the inside squares with a pencil. Remove the edging, then paint each square with whatever color suits you. [The colors will fade in the sun. But, you can seal them with polyurethane if you like.]  Allow the paint to dry then re-attach the edging and that's it!

The black wrought iron squares with the scroll design were purchased from a garage sale. I removed the center wood plaque, and gave the squares a good coat of matte black (spray) paint and let dry.

The hanging candle holders had a glass inserts in them, but I removed them because they collected water and the candles floated. I have also used the small hanging citronella candles, too. They don't match the wrought iron look, but they give off a very nice flame and help with mosquitoes.  You can spray paint the citronella buckets black if you prefer.

Any type of garden eding for this project will work, and there are several designs to choose from.  I purchased these at Wal-Mart for $1.00/each.  The metallic paint is craft paint and comes in several color choices.  I tried the glossy regular craft paint and the metallic looked the best for the look I was going after.  Also, if your fence area is long enough, you can place as many of these stained-glass windows on your fence as you want. 

You can also place a metal wall sculpture "inside" the frame or any other type of artwork or painted design that you like.  A beautifully-colored parrot or exotic bird painted or hung inside the frame would look stunning!

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