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Decorate Your

Gaia configures herself into the imagination of each person on earth in a totally unique way.

John Lamb Lash, 06/26/2009

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Geometric Murals


Photo on left is an indoor geometric design by Maura which was featured in Apartment Therapy.  Its a blog site and she gives detailed instructions on how to tape out the design and the colors she choose.  The date of her “Starbust, Ombre Wall,” is July 10, 2013.

This would do well on a large fence, place horizontally as a picture frame between 5 to 6 painted fence slates with soft, muted colors that match the home, building and landscape.  

If the hyperlink doesn’t work, try searching for “The Projectory”

Update Your Fence With a Colorful Mural

Video from  Use your favorite design pattern. Only a few supplies needed to make a portrait-type single design or overall fence pattern. (No Affiliation)

Photo Above: Joseph Park and Claude Zervas have collaborated to create a large-scale abstract mural of interweaving linear geometric patterns using transparent glazes and paint gradients.

The mural is formally based on interweaving linear geometric patterns generated using custom computer software, written by Claude Zervas, and then painted by hand on the final mural surface.

Balance Outdoor Geometric Patterns

Large, bold geometric prints on an outdoor fence can quickly overwhelm the space, making the space recede and feel claustrophobic.  

The standard height for a wood fence is six (6) feet for a privacy fence and four (4) feet for a decorative one.  Fence height is regulated to retain open views of the streetscape for security and aesthetics. Regulations have different heights for residential front and back yards and they can also be different according to the land use zone. Residential front yard fences are typically limited to 3 or 4 feet in height, and back yards (and side yards) can be built in the range of 6 feet, in general. On corner lots both frontages are treated as front yards.

Hasselt, Nederlands . March 2015

Original Image Source: Artful Living with Romi Cortier

Left Photo: Can you imagine how this would look on your fence?  Stunning!  I would change the color red to lime green or purple.

Photograph from: Trend Direct