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Decorate Your

Gaia configures herself into the imagination of each person on earth in a totally unique way.

John Lamb Lash, 06/26/2009

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An outdoor mural painted on the fence will add impact, drama, and happiness via huge grins, smiles and lots of WOWs from friends and family.  

With a painted fence mural, bright blooming flowers will always be visible, and you can create any kind art or landscape.  How about a sunny day at the beach playing volleyball; an underwater wonderland with magnificent corals, sea urchins, fish, and turtles galore. Symbols of freedom like the bald eagle, American Flag or cultural art. You might even opt for Kandinsky-type art or a “tree of life.”  Go Ahead – Spice-up Your View!

Visit our “Mural Artists” page to see if a muralist is in your area.  If you happen to work as a mural artist, you can add your name to the list of mural artists by contacting us at

This front yard fence separates the neighbor’s homes in Austin, Texas.  Many subdivisions won’t allow property dividing fences in the front yard any longer.  

The small 8-foot fence between homes is whimsically painted to represent stones and flower pots.

I wonder what it looks like today?

Photos taken in June 2009.

Gray painted backdrop on the fence matches a wide range of colors.

All Images: Decorate Your

Mural by Ginny Keagan of Zeeland, Michigan | All Images: Decorate Your

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Peter Richardson, Australia, painted his fence blue then made several portrait-type paintings, like wall hangings, and put them directly on his fence.  Nice!

Outdoor Murals

Mural painted on fence in Corpus Christi, TX - Source:

Bright red Poppies painted on an old weathered fence in Corpus Christi, Texas, really brings the fence to life. What was once an eyesore is now a vibrant mural celebrating the beauty and diversity of our planet.




Resa McConaghy has a Wordpress blog where she presents photographs of outdoor ephemeral art “…originally dedicated to showcasing and documenting Graffiti Art and Murals in Toronto and Winnipeg.”  She travels around the globe taking photos of murals painted on fences and buildings.  For ideas and inspiration on painting your own fence mural, see her blog at:






Original Image Source Unknown


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Original Image Source
“Memory Catcher” | Siggy Nowak, Brisbane, Australia

Original Image Source: SeaSideMural-2-CNY_Murals_NewYork |

Amazing murals from the CNY Murals  team covering Central New York, Rochester, Ithaca, Utica and Northern New York


YouTube - Outdoor Murals

Ma’ma Rouge Makeup! Contact info at end of video.

Sunflower Fence Mural - 09/13/2016

Tawny Owl on Fence by Martin Aveling