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John Lamb Lash, 06/26/2009

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Painted Picnic Tables


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Beautiful Picnic Table Painting by Michelle Higgins

Paint your entire fence with a light to medium color gray and then go to town with these easy floral designs.

Paint the center circles in the beige brown light gold color and then use light colors for the petals so they’ll stand out against the gray background of the pickets.  

You could also consider shading the petals for depth and outline each petal in black for a gorgeous 3D effect.

Amazing and detailed artwork on a wooden deck.  

This looks like a labor of love and the colors are gorgeous!  

Probably not the best for a fence, but its still unique and beautiful!

Michelle’s design and colors would look really well on a wooden fence.  They are simple, yet elegant and fun, and very few paint colors are needed to achieve this effect.

Walking On Sunshine!

Perhaps one could use the circles as a pattern to use “sparsely” on a fence - say every 3 or 4 feet with smaller (tiny) circles close by. Or, use the leaf patterns like Alisa has drawn here.  If the design and colors were spaced properly, this would be an awesome and really unique fence mural.  Love it!

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Original Source Unknown

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