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Gaia configures herself into the imagination of each person on earth in a totally unique way.

John Lamb Lash, 06/26/2009

Perhaps SMiLE wants to remain anonymous to keep the focus on his art.

“Without the artist’s identity, the work seems mysterious as if it just appeared there by itself.  As a frequent museum and art gallery goer where the work is so connected to identity, viewing anonymous street art is an almost freeing experience.”  -Emily Colucci,

Front page news on SMiLE leaving paintings around town.

Follow Smile ...

The Boulder street artist known as SMiLE shares photos of his work at

Smile is unknown.  They call him mysterious.  The Boulder News tracked him down through an Instagram page. He sprays contrasting paint over precisely cut layers of stencils, which he applies in “minutes,” but the detail looks like it took hours rather than minutes to apply.


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