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Gaia configures herself into the imagination of each person on earth in a totally unique way.

John Lamb Lash, 06/26/2009

Thank you for turning off your Ad Blocker. We use advertising to help support our site with many photographs of decorated fences, outdoor wall art (and more) that we often purchase from outlets and individuals around the world.

Not everyone wants a Crayola-styled fence on their property, but someone would really appreciate having all the crayon colors at eye-level to look at everyday. The old saying, someone’s trash is another’s treasure, would certainly hold true for some of the fence designs we’ve gathered.

Diana Wearing’s Photographs, 2013 - Image Source: I Love That -  Diana attached all these shutters, cafe doors, bi-fold doors, etc., and attached them to an existing fence with zip ties. Creativity at its Best!

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“Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder”

-Oliver Platt