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Picket Fence Slideshow from 2011 to 2017, showcasing artwork painted on pickets.  Lots of great ideas and inspiration to paint your own pickets. Oxford, Maryland USA

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The Painted Fence

Beautiful painted fence at the Sanibel Building, Gulf Shores AL, USA - Vacation Condo | Image Source:


Dark colors recede. In the garden, this can be a good thing. A structure such as a fence or arbor plays a supporting role in the landscape. You want it to be a part of the whole, not stick out like a sore thumb.


Plant colors shine against a dark shade. Greens look greener, pastels seem more lush, and white blooms appear clean and fresh.

Dark colors don't show dirt. My white fence was a magnet for every imaginable transgressor, from birds to trees dripping sap. A dark color minimizes the forces of nature.

Where White Works - This isn't to say that white structures aren't appropriate in the garden. If the house or trim is white, this can be the obvious and correct choice. Use color to tie your home and garden together. Assess your style, and stick with it for a unified, great-looking landscape. And don't be afraid to try something new. Paint is an inexpensive way to get a fresh new look, even in the garden.

Another Option - If you're after a more rustic look, consider staining your picket fence. The experts at Lakeview Paint in Birmingham offer these points.

 Apply stain on a new fence, not one that has paint on it. One coat does it, with freshening every four or five years. Use a solid hide stain, not semitransparent.

This blog site, Ministry of the Fence, has great photographs of painted fences using the cottage or beach style.  The homes are called the “Painted Ladies,” in Grimsby Beach, Ontario.  These are one-of-a-kind painted homes and some have painted fences. Check ‘em out.  Lots of color and fun!

Picket style fence located in a rural area of Ukraine, painted in the colors of the Ukraine Flag.

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